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City Chain - City Chain.. - 利用您的通訊裝置與時間廊保持緊密聯繫吧! 可以率先收到時間廊的最新消息,優惠資訊及潮流情報。您同時亦可以方便快捷地搜尋到鄰近的時間廊分�

City Chain City Chain City Chain City Chain City Chain City Chain
利用您的通訊裝置與時間廊保持緊密聯繫吧! 可以率先收到時間廊的最新消息,優惠資訊及潮流情報。您同時亦可以方便快捷地搜尋到鄰近的時間廊分店位置及資料!
如果您已經成為City Chain Club會員並透過此應用程式建立會員帳戶,不但可隨時查詢City Chain Points 結餘及其他帳戶資料,更可享有無盡驚喜的獨家會員優惠!當中包括…
- 出示應用程式內的電子會員咭,於時間廊購物即享會員折扣及賺取City Chain Points!
- 隨時透過應用程式兌現並使用現金券!
- 數之不盡的神秘優惠,隨時奉上!
Stay connected with City Chain on your mobile device! Be the first one to know our latest news, great offers and trend update. It’s more convenient now to find out nearest City Chain Store by using our store locator!
If you have already joined our City Chain Club and register your membership account via the mobile app, you can check your City Chain Point balance and other membership account information, and enjoy the unlimited exclusive membership privileges! Which includes…
- Enjoy membership discount and earn City Chain Points upon spending at City Chain by presenting the e-membership card on the mobile app
- Redeem and use the cash coupons via the mobile app at any time.
- Unlimited hidden offers!
Let’s download and create an account to enjoy the fabulous shopping experience any time, any where! Read more